Monday, March 26, 2007

Bye-bye to "Healthful"

We've lost this battle, but I thought I'd like to stick a pin in the map to show where there used to be a perfectly good word: "healthful". It meant "good for you", and, in relation to food, was similar in meaning to "nutritious".

A piece of toast or a tomato might be "healthful" when eaten. However, a piece of toast cannot be "healthy", which means "enjoying good health". A tomato can only be "healthy" if it's still on the vine, thriving and free from disease.

Now, food is considered "healthy" if it's good for you. So is a brisk walk. So is a good attitude. Good-bye, healthful!

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Johnny Silver said...

Au contraire bear...I would argue that "healthy" toast is toast that hasn't been stepped on, kicked about the kitchen floor or had dust, debris or other foreign materials ground into it; it would probably be more healthful by extension.

I try to eat healthy toast on a daily basis; I'm just orientated that way...

Healthful, invigorating Sani-Cola...